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Abbey McCune


Please help us in welcoming our newest staff member, Abbey McCune.  Abbey comes to us by way of Hudson, Ohio and is currently a senior at The Ohio State University majoring in Animal Science.  Abbey’s future goals include attending vet school and opening her own small-animal practice.

Abbey is the youngest in her family.  Her favorite food is ice cream (cookie’s & cream to be exact) and she hopes to someday enjoy a scoop on the beach in the Bahamas!

Abbey shares her home with her new kitten, Darla (shown above) and the ever-gangster turtle, Ja Rule.  Abbey enjoys traveling, having spent time in Chile and plans to head to Ireland this winter for a study-abroad program.

Jessica Kiffner

Jessica Kiffner: bringer of the baked goods!


Please help us in welcoming our newest technician, Jessica Kiffner!

Jessica hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana and with her, she brings a husband, a dog, Juneau, and two cats to the great state of Ohio.  Jessica attended Purdue University where she received her degree in Veterinary Technology.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys kayaking, walking, photography, gardening, wildlife, and traveling.   She has a talent for the violin, but she considers herself a non-practicing musician.

Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Scott Brown comes to us from Dover, Ohio.  A recent graduate of The Ohio State University, Scott majored in Biology with a minor in Animal Science.  A stellar asset to our team, Scott has aspirations of returning to veterinary school in the near future. 

Raised around German Shorhaird Pointers, he currently shares his home with two of them.  In his spare time, he enjoys video games,  golfing, airsofting, and rollerblading.
When asked what movie title best describes his life, Scott answered with:  “Live and Let Die”.


Teresa Rill

Teresa Rill

Teresa has worked at Upper Arlington Veterinary Hospital since the days of Dr. Rebecca Miller and continues to be a great asset to our team.  She is the mother of 4 grown kids and works full-time for Grandview Public Schools.  With a big heart and a soft spot for animals in need, Teresa has rescued two of her animals, Steve and Kizzie, from our clinics.

In her spare time, Teresa enjoys taking in shows with friends, going to the movies, reading and spending time with her family. 

Teresa with Kizzie


Dr. AJ Wildman

Dr. AJ Wildman

Dr. Amanda James Wildman joined our practice in 2010 after working for several years at a clinic in Reynoldsburg.  A native of Newton, Connecticut, Dr. Wildman received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University, then went on to The Ohio State University and graduated with a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. 

In her spare time, Dr. Wildman enjoys reading, shopping, swimming, doing crossword puzzles, spending time with her family and watching movies.  A little interesting fact about Dr. Wildman:  She has 2 sets of twins – 3 boys and a girl!

When asked “What movie title best describes your life?” , her answers were ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ and ‘Wild at Heart’. 

Jennifer Robbins

Jennifer Robbins


Coming to us from small town Howard, Ohio, Jennifer Robbins is our newest employee.  Jennifer attended the Bradford Business School with an emphasis on Accounting, and after working in the banking industry for a time, she returned to the veterinary field.  With 12 years experience, Jennifer is a knowledgable and compassionate member of our team.

Jennifer’s family has raised standardbred race horses for years, and she enjoys being a part of the training process, while riding and racing them when she can.  In addition to partial ownership of horses, Jennifer also lives with a calico cat named Callie.   

When asked “If you could sum up your life in a movie title, what would it be?”, her response was Trotting Towards Victory.

Dr. Joanna Parson

Dr. Joanna Parson

Joanna Parson.  Wife to Adam.  Mother to Emma and Jack.  Friend to all. 

This Brooklyn, NY native graduated from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003.  After completing an internship at MedVet Medical Center for Pets, she began working as an ER doctor and spent the next 4 years in that position.  After the purchase of Upper Arlington Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Parson left MedVet to run the newly acquired clinic.  Dr. Parson has a small brood of critters at her house, including Hank, Julio, Stephanie, Mike, and Nugget. 


Julio & Stephanie Parson

In her spare time, Dr. Parson enjoys spending time with her children, shopping,  traveling, dancing, and going out for a night on the town with her husband.


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Mandi Justus – Manager Extraordinaire

Mandi Justus, Practice Manager

We are pleased to introduce our practice manager, Mandi Justus.  Mandi has been in the veterinary field for nearly 14 years, with 5 of those years spent at Northstar Animal Care and Upper Arlington Veterinary Hospital.  She has her hands in many aspects of the clinic, from ordering supplies and making schedules to keeping the finances (and Dr. Adam) in check!  😉

Mandi is from Westerville and currently resides in Worthington with her husband, Paul, whom she married July 2010.  They also share their home with two dogs, Eddie and Ellie, and two cats, Stetson and Zedo.
Ellie Justus
Mandi and Paul are quite the fishing pair, spending their days off together at a local lake, state park or Lake Erie.   When they aren’t out searching for the perfect catch, they enjoy movies, a little car racing, and going to a concert now and then.
When asked “If you could sum up your life in a movie title, what would it be?”, Mandi wasted no time in answering It’s a Wonderful Life. 
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Dr. Adam Parson

Dr. Adam D. Parson


A native of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Dr. Adam Parson discovered an early interest in veterinary medicine.  At a young age, his first job in the industry included cleaning cages, sweeping the floor and mowing the grass.  Over time, Dr. Parson was helping with surgeries and became a veterinary assistant.  After completing his undergraduate degree at High Point University in North Carolina, Dr. Parson made the trek back to Ohio and received his doctorate from The Ohio State University in 2002. 

Dr. Parson shares his Upper Arlington home with his wife, Joanna and their three children, Chance, Emma, and Jack.  In addition to the two-legged family members,  a few four-legged member call the Parson abode their home:  Hank, Julio, Stephanie, Mike, and Nugget. 

When he’s not in the clinic, Dr. Parson enjoys hiking, golfing and taking his son, Chance, snowboarding.  With young children at home, he is kept very busy with school and extracurricular activities.  In addition to his family responsibilities, Dr. Parson is the president of the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society, a Freemason and a member of the Tri-Village Rotary Club. 

Dr. Parson’s commitment to providing the best care for his patients extends to his research into innovative medical procedures and research.  From stem cell transplants to assist canine patients with arthritis to learing new orthopedic surgical techniques, Dr. Parson will leave no stone unturned. 


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