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Tips for Moving with your Pet

Moving can be stressful on people and their pets.  To help relieve anxiety, here are some tips from to help ensure your big move goes off without a hitch.

1. Keep pets safe and secure. With all the noise, open doors and potential chaos involved in a move, it’s important for clients to make sure their pet is safe, happy, and secure. Encourage clients to put their pet in a quiet and safe place. This quiet spot should be a place that the pet is familiar and comfortable with. Maybe it’s a travel crate placed in an out of the way place, or perhaps a bathroom. Be sure that the pet can’t escape during the move. If the pet is in a room, clients can place a sign on the door alerting others to not enter. Another option is to encourage clients to have their pet stay at a friend or relative’s house or a doggy day care on moving day.

2. Check on pets regularly. If clients will be keeping their pet at home on moving day, they need to check in on it regularly. It’s important to maintain the pet’s regular routine for feeding, walks, bathroom breaks, and cuddling.

3. Create familiar surroundings. One of the best ways clients can help their pet become comfortable in a new environment more quickly is to have their things in it before introducing the pet into the new place. Whether it be a favorite chair, dog bed, throw rug, toys, or all of the above, clients should surround their pet with familiar things. Clients should be prepared with all the necessary items their pet will need from day one in the new home.

4. Keep pets on leash. Pet parents need to be aware even dogs that are excellent under voice control can become distracted easily in a new neighborhood and surroundings. To prevent their pet from running off, clients should keep their dog on a leash or in a secure, fenced yard.

5. Keep a photo handy. In the unfortunate event that a client’s pet runs off, they should keep a recent photo of the pet on hand. In addition to the pet’s ID tag and microchip, a photo of the pet will help to ensure the pet’s safe return home.

Above all,  maintain a calm energy.  Pets pick up on our emotions, so deep breaths.  Moving is an adventure, a new beginning—encourage yourself to embrace it and enjoy it with your pet.

The Man of the House

Welcome to our blog!

We want to take the time to introduce you to the people and pets that make up our Northstar and Upper Arlington family.  So we thought it wise to start with the one at the top.  The big cheese.  The top dog.



 Hank lives with the Parson’s and came to them by way of a Mt. Vernon veterinary clinic, where he was brought in for a parvovivus infection.  He comes to work nearly everyday with Dr. Adam, and uses his charms to get treats out of unsuspecting people.  

No, he isn’t REALLY the boss, but he is certainly a mascot for our practices.   He greets everyone with a big wag of his tail and is always on his best behavior!  Hank is also known to save a life or two every now and then — he is our number one donator, ready to help any dog in need by giving his blood. 

When Hank isn’t busy working at the practice, he enjoys playing fetch with very big sticks (he’s been known to attempt fetch with a small sapling), taking long naps and going for car rides.

Next time you’re in the clinic, say ‘hello’ to Hank!


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