Disaster Preparepdness


With recent storms and power outages, disaster preparedness has made front page news.  Many of us have the intention of making plans for our homes and loved ones, but we didn’t.  There is no time like the present to set up your plan and gather supplies.

* Proper Identification:  in the event of a natural disaster, or even a house fire, a collar showing clear, up-to-date ID is crucial.  It is strongly encouraged that all pets have a microchip implanted as means of permanent identification, ensuring that the information corresponding to the microchip is updated as well.  Keep a copy of your pet’s current medical record/vaccine history in a safe place, along with a current photo.

*Supplies: a well stocked bin of pet supplies is essential!  Stock enough food and drinking water for no less than 3 days, but it doesn’t hurt to have more on hand.  Also include a copy of your pet’s medical records/vaccination history (in a water safe bag), along with a photo, leash and collar, litter, medication, litter trays, etc.

*Carriers and Crates:  a carrier or crate can temporarily house pets at vet clinics or even hotels that would not normally take pets.  Cat carriers should be large enough to hold a cat and their littler box.

Get more information on disaster preparedness at www.ready.gov/america/getakit/pets.html

[courtesy: Fetch]