Fun Pet Ideas, Part 1

Have you ever wanted to do something creative with your dog’s bowls?  Perhaps create a new play space for your kitty?  We scoured the boards of to bring you some of our favorite ideas!


1.  Now Fido can see what’s going on on the other side of the fence.  The Pet Peek      offers a new view for your four-legged friend.




2.  Do you or someone you know have an old console TV unit just laying around?  Why not turn it into a new bed for your small dog or cat?!




3.  With a couple old suitcases and a few legs, you can create a custom bunk bed for you feline friends


4.  Make use of that small wall and turn it into a doggie station, complete with treats, poop bags and toys!


5.  King or Queen, Prince or Princess, your pet deserves a bed that suits their personality.  But just because they are larger than life, the cost of a new bed for them doesn’t have to be.  Check out this creative idea for re-purposing an old table.