It’s Time for Ticks!

It’s warm outside.  The sun is shining.  The birds are chirping.

The grass is growing.  The dogs are playing.


Adult Tick.


The tick’s purpose in life is to propagate its species.  And in order to do so, it must eat.  The tick meets its daily nutritional requirement by feasting on the blood of its host.   The adult female tick needs a large 3-day blood meal before she can reproduce and lay her eggs – 2,000 or more!!  Ick!
A tick after its dinner.

Today, we saw two dogs that had been outdoors for extended periods of time over the past few days.  One was enjoying life at the lake and came home with a few souvenirs that she didn’t purchase – 12 ticks!  We removed the ticks and sent her home with topical tick medication to help prevent this problem in the future.   Do you have your pet’s prevention ready to go?

It may only be March, but thanks to the mild winter and unseasonably warm temperatures we have been experiencing lately, it’s time to start your dog and cat on prevention if you haven’t already done so!  We have seen fleas and ticks on our patients all winter, so we can only imagine how bad the upcoming season is going to be.
And don’t think that just because your cat is indoor-only will prevent him or her from becoming infested with fleas.  Fleas LOVE to travel and they will take a ride on anything that comes and goes – INCLUDING YOU!  If you go outdoors, your cat is at risk for contracting fleas!   Show your cat some love and treat them monthly for heartworms, fleas and intestinal parasites.
We have a wide range of products to help you stay on track to prevent fleas, ticks, heartworms and intestinal parasites.  Give us a call or stop by during clinic hours to stock up!