The Man of the House

Welcome to our blog!

We want to take the time to introduce you to the people and pets that make up our Northstar and Upper Arlington family.  So we thought it wise to start with the one at the top.  The big cheese.  The top dog.



 Hank lives with the Parson’s and came to them by way of a Mt. Vernon veterinary clinic, where he was brought in for a parvovivus infection.  He comes to work nearly everyday with Dr. Adam, and uses his charms to get treats out of unsuspecting people.  

No, he isn’t REALLY the boss, but he is certainly a mascot for our practices.   He greets everyone with a big wag of his tail and is always on his best behavior!  Hank is also known to save a life or two every now and then — he is our number one donator, ready to help any dog in need by giving his blood. 

When Hank isn’t busy working at the practice, he enjoys playing fetch with very big sticks (he’s been known to attempt fetch with a small sapling), taking long naps and going for car rides.

Next time you’re in the clinic, say ‘hello’ to Hank!


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